Why this happens

Your watch system is not up to date, thus cannot directly pair with the current ticwear app.

How to proceed

You need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the temporary ticwear app from our website.[Click to Download]
  2. Uninstall the ticwear app that you downloaded previously from Google Play.
  3. Use the newly installed temporary ticwear app to scan and pair with ticwatch.
  4. After pairing succeeds, upgrade watch OS as soon as possible via [Settings>System upgrade] on ticwatch.
  5. Once ticwatch is upgraded, uninstall the temporary ticwear and re-install the latest Ticwear Global from Google Play, then factory reset the watch and pair again.

If problems still exist, please contact support@mobvoi.com for further support.

Sorry for the inconvenience.